Who really needs a Will save, anyway…

This is the first piece of advertisement produced for Bloodmoon Goblins.  It’s a parody of this ridiculous ad from the 70s.  It’s deep cause, like, see, the fighter class is about as popular as nuclear reactors are right now.  And Ghaz is a probably-doomed-to-be-deposed autocrat.  This is also the first teaser of the goblins’ visual style.

I haven’t decided if, where, or how to splash this thing around the internet other than to put it up here and show it to people who are already interested in Bloodmoon Goblins.  I’ll just have TO GO INTO HI JOHNNY G HERE MODE AND SEE WHAT OCCURS TO ME.

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  1. Céline .S. Sauvé says:

    Nicely done! *snickers*

    I have linked to that image, and thus this blog, on my Google+ account. Best of luck with the Must and tech you must battle to get this thing completed!

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