The Grand Strategic Outline

Goblins and Goons,

The first step of turning Bloodmoon Goblins from raw unrefined gaming-note asteroid minerals into the premier gaming supplement of all time – a process well underway now – was to create The Grand Strategic Outline.  I knew from the beginning that my goal was to communicate how to run Bloodmoon Goblins to the potential GM, but I had to deliberate a while in deciding how to organize the words and chapters toward that goal.  Here is what I came up with:


The sales pitch, the Big Damn Idea, What To Expect When You’re Expecting To Get Killed By A Dog.  Preamble and some blather about tone and atmosphere.


The grand map of the warrens and their physical descriptions.


Character entries for all of the key NPC players in goblin society.  Several such goblins have been illustrated already by Keith, and they look appropriately menacing or pitiful.


As the adventures around and beneath Arnak unfold, the social balance of power changes.  Whether they mean to or not, the PCs become a threat to the established order and eventually will eliminate it or be eliminated by it.  The Society chapter describes the few poles of true power in Bloodmoon society, how to set a PC group up to represent one of them, and what they’ll all do when crossbow bolts fly.


Spoilers:  The goblin tribe is the top level of a death dungeon, and there is lots of death dungeon underneath them…if they can get to it.  At least the first level of the dungeon will be described in this chapter.


A chapter for mean, evil, nasty DMs who want to run paladins or dwarves or some other dumb thing.


Kill all halflings!

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