Character Spotlight: Zagni

It’s time for another thrilling Bloodmoon Goblins character spotlight!

Introducing Zagni, an outcast lurking on the fringes of tribal space…

Zagni was designed by Geoff Stensrud, the goblins’ biggest patron.  I worried, at first, that I might have to deal with cheesy or boring characters if I opened up a custom goblin as part of the bigger rewards.  But I have been shown quite wrong.

Zagni stalks the woods near the warrens but never enters them or explains himself.  Younger goblins think he’s a frightening madman out lurking alone in the woods, or even that he doesn’t exist.  Older goblins with keen minds remember that there was once a goblin horribly mutilated by a wandering band of paleskins, blamed for their attack, and thrown out into exile to die…but could this be him?

It is indeed.  Zagni has been exiled, wrongly, but accepted it.  Fortunately, he was a scout and a tracker and a woodsman before he received his punishment, and so was able to survive in the wild even considering that he lost several moderate chunks of his body and one arm.  Now an even better sneaker and fighter, Zagni skulks through the cold forest, usually alone with only his thoughts.  He remains loyal to his goblin kin even as some of the older among them have betrayed him, and sometimes shadows watchers, hunters, and foragers to protect them.

He might appear suddenly to help a group of goblins in danger out in the wild from paleskins or bears.  It would take great degrees of luck and skill to find him, but he might, with enough convincing, do what he can to help bring about a regime change and win back admission to the tribe.

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