Cover Art and Text Copy Finished! On to Layout.


I present to you the cover art for our glorious enterprise.  Once again Keith Curtis has demonstrated his outstanding skill.

Bloodmoon Goblins Cover Art

Into the Depths, and with it the text copy of the game, is completed.  I ran it at Fear the Con V to great success.  The weakling inhabitants of the first level of the dungeon getting a little persnickity and attacking the perhaps-slightly-stronger inhabitants of the second level of the dungeon is outrageously fun.

The next and final phases of the project are layout, a presentably pretty version of the map of the trash-dwarfhold dungeon below, and setting up the channels of the game’s physical distribution.  You guys will have the PDF as soon as it “goes gold”, and those who ordered a physical version will have it as soon as I can have them printed and shipped.

I will be highlighting something from each chapter here as those chapters go into layout.  Look for one last character spotlight next week, then a room description of the warren, then a note on goblin society, then an encounter from Into the Depths, then a snippet from Attacking the Warrens.  After that…release!

I am very, very excited to get this into your hands.  Tabletop fantasy roleplaying was built for killing things and taking their stuff.  It was not build for paladins and bards and wizards…but for goblins.


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