Character Spotlight: Nexxa

Nexxa – Goblin Sorceress



Nexxa is a sorceress. Her ability to create and command supernatural flames manifested itself during her rapid goblin adolescence, causing her to be shunned and feared. She lurked in the temple for what protection it provided. The crafty old cleric Zerut saw her potential, declared that her powers were a gift from Xarboz, and took her in as his apprentice. Since then she has capitalized on her position and powers to become respected and feared.


She has serious anger management issues. She often reacts to the slighest inconvenience or delay with an outburst of rage that sometimes ends in flames coming out of her hands. She can usually constrain herself enough to try to get what she wants through charm rather than violence, but it’s safest not to stand near her the first time anything doesn’t go perfectly her way.


Nexxa is rather fetching to the goblin eye. This has made her insufferably vain and spurred her to collect jewels, rings, and soft fabrics to decorate herself with. Decked out in an outrageously mismatched but very numerous collection of accessories, she sits at the height of goblin fashion.

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2 Responses to Character Spotlight: Nexxa

  1. Céline .S. Sauvé says:

    Somehow I did not imagine female Goblins to be so well endowed, no matter the CHA score 😉

    Glad to hear things are moving along smoothly, though I’m probably not the only person who has moved since the project was funded.

  2. Céline .S. Sauvé says:

    Has there been any news in the last 5-or-so months since this update? (I’m asking because there’s also been no news on Kickstarter…)

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