The Final Countdown

I’d like to start by thanking each and every one of you for your support, both of the project and of me as someone new to game writing.  This has been an exciting opportunity, but it’s also been fraught with things I didn’t expect.  After graduating from law school, I was faced with the difficulties of navigating an unfamiliar job market.  I also admit to underestimating what it would take to produce a complete game project.

Let me say in no uncertain terms that I apologize for the disappointment and delays.  I have been so ashamed of not producing on the schedule I set out, and then not communicating with you, that I have…not communicated with you.  Productive, I know.  But the best thing I can do now is move forward and fix that.

First, a project update.  Ruben has produced a wonderful looking layout.  The content of the game is finalized and in PDF, but I need to review it and consult with Ruben and Keith about placing the art, cartography, and visual design that your gracious support has allowed me to invest in the project.

That process should resolve itself quickly, and by December 1st, all Kickstarter backers will have a PDF copy of Bloodmoon Goblins.  If I can’t find a good e-mail address for you through the Kickstarter interface, I’ll message you on here until it has somewhere to go.  I will not spend any time formatting the game for wider sale until you’ve all – at the very least – gotten electronic copies.  Distribution of printed copies may be integrated with an online retailer – I’m not there yet – but if I have to go farther down the path of broader publication before I can get you your rightfully purchased and long-awaited print copies, I will still fulfill your orders as soon as I can.

Second, I’ll be going over to Dan’s tomorrow.  I’ve already recorded all but one of the “thank you” toasts.  I’ll do the final one tomorrow, and those will then be emailed to each of the appropriate backers.  I have also produced another comedic video to announce the impending release of the game.  That will be here with another update in the next 24 hours.  There’s still a tiny bit of post-production to be done with it.

Finally, for anyone that pledged enough to receive a credit in the book, I’ll be in contact with you in the next 24 hours to find out exactly how you want your name listed in the credits.

Thank you again for your patience and support.  I apologize for the bumps we’ve hit along the way, but I’m committed to getting you the product with the quality you deserve as quickly as I can.  And please keep checking back on this site, as I’ll begin posting updates on my progress at the start of each week.

Noble knights and sagely wizards murdering goblins isn’t a heroic underdog story.  Goblins murdering them first…is.  As the holidays approach let us remember the true reason we play swashbuckling adventure fantasy RPGs:  to kill things and take their stuff.  And they call this a genre inversion.

More from me very soon.


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