Progress and Release Announcement Video

Goblins!  It’s been an exciting 48 hours.

The biggest announcement is the completion and release of this:

Follow me into the Zone of Truth for a revealing peek at Bloodmoon Goblins actual play.

Other things:

All backers who qualified for toast videos and Episode -1 should have received them.  If you have not, please tell me.  I’ve got replies from most of you but there are a couple I have not.  If I have a bad e-mail address for you, please message me here on Kickstarter.

Ruben and I – with a great deal of editorial help by Dan Repperger – have moved into something like Draft 2.5 of the game proper.  We have built the house, carpeted the floor, painted the walls, and installed the toilets.  Just kidding, there are no toilets, this is a goblin hole.  We still have to install lightbulbs and maybe move around the landscaping.  But we’re well into fine-tuning.

The game will be released in PDF to all Kickstarter backers on DECEMBER 1, 2012.  It will be brought to market and print versions as soon as possible on or after that date.

We in the US are now hunkering down for a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  More from me next week after the turkey coma has worn off!


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