Event Spotlight: The Spider Blow

Well the north side of the warren is the baddest part of town.  And if you go down there you better just beware of spiders in the ground.


The deepest, darkest, and most neglected cavern of Arnak is, as of the start of the campaign, used as little more than the house of a wide, dark, and near-bottomless pit.  The pit itself is used as a place for the goblins to throw things they no longer want.  (Simply throwing trash outside the mouth of the cave was once tried, and immediately met by several of the bears that infest the cold forest around the goblins.  They were delighted, hungry, and very difficult to convince to leave.)  The trash of generations of Bloodmoon Goblins has been thrown into the pit with little appreciation of the location’s convenience and even less curiosity as to why the pit never fills up and overflows.

The reason is that a vibrant ecology of carrion-feeding creatures has existed at the bottom of the shaft – and thus the top of the massive dwarven complex underneath.  Any number of monstrous vermin were crawling underneath and feeding upon the goblin scraps – and each other – until recently, when another denizen of the depths decided to enlarge a spider’s egg sac.  The resulting spider-terror-babies quickly consumed the rest of the carrion ecology (including the extended family) and started in on the trash pile.

The pile recedes downwards for a few days, and then visibly starts to rustle.  A surge of Medium spiders then rushes into the north chamber of the warrens, intent on eating everything and everyone.  The goblins will quickly alert, organize, and counterattack, but the battle will be extremely dangerous to all of them – and a rare moment of total chaos within the warrens could provide an opportunist with a window.  They should eventually prevail, leaving a nearly empty trash pit beckoning them downwards to more sinister depths…



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Character Spotlight: Zerut


Zerut is the leader of the Bloodmoon Goblins’ clerical faction and perhaps the only figure in Bloodmoon society who wields power completely independently of the king and his military apparatus.  He is old, weak, and frail, but none of these liabilities have made him any less revered or feared by the rest of the tribe.

The will of Xarboz, the immortal and invincible god of the goblins and ruler of all other gods and spirits, is seldom revealed directly to the goblins.  It must be carefully divined and interpreted by Xarboz’ chosen representative:  Zerut.  Zerut’s favor with Xarboz is made obvious by his many magical spells, which can heal or harm.  Zerut is known to spend his precious magical energies healing first and only the most publicly pious and obedient of the goblin warriors.

Zerut remembers the time before Ghaz, and perhaps even a time prior to Kraguk.  As a living repository of Bloodmoon history who none of the few other aged goblins dare contradict, the facts of history and their interpretation are his to manipulate.

Zerut desires nothing more than to seize the crown for himself, but Ghaz and his cabal are too strong.  He is not at all certain that a bold gesture to rally the tribe against their king in the name of their god would succeed – although sometimes he thinks it might.  So long as he remains uncertain, he will not risk himself by acting.

The Temple of Xarboz (a dim, eerily-torchlit cave with an altar in it) is Zerut’s private domain and the only piece of physical space within the warrens that the king cannot claim ownership of outright and do whatever he pleases with.

Though he is intelligent enough to comprehend more elaborate quandries of theology, cosmology, and ethics, Zerut has no interest in anything more complicated than the power of his spells and the other goblins’ fear of his connection to the divine.

Zerut has taken, and lost or disposed of, many apprentices over the course of his long years.  His only current acolyte is Nexxa.  She pleases him with her brutality and the ease with which she uses both her feminine allure and her mastery of the goblins’ religious terror to charm or intimidate whoever she wants to.  Zerut keeps a close eye on Nexxa’s rising power and popularity.  His own frailty – and his memory of how he created a vacancy in the office of high priest – keep him watching her carefully even as he benefits from the fear and obedience she cultivates within the tribe.

Malicious, cunning, and cruel in equal great measure, Zerut is rightly feared by almost all of the Bloodmoon Goblins.  He is a very formidable ally, but those who seek to use him to their own ends often find themselves being used for his.  Or dead.

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The Grand Strategic Outline

Goblins and Goons,

The first step of turning Bloodmoon Goblins from raw unrefined gaming-note asteroid minerals into the premier gaming supplement of all time – a process well underway now – was to create The Grand Strategic Outline.  I knew from the beginning that my goal was to communicate how to run Bloodmoon Goblins to the potential GM, but I had to deliberate a while in deciding how to organize the words and chapters toward that goal.  Here is what I came up with:


The sales pitch, the Big Damn Idea, What To Expect When You’re Expecting To Get Killed By A Dog.  Preamble and some blather about tone and atmosphere.


The grand map of the warrens and their physical descriptions.


Character entries for all of the key NPC players in goblin society.  Several such goblins have been illustrated already by Keith, and they look appropriately menacing or pitiful.


As the adventures around and beneath Arnak unfold, the social balance of power changes.  Whether they mean to or not, the PCs become a threat to the established order and eventually will eliminate it or be eliminated by it.  The Society chapter describes the few poles of true power in Bloodmoon society, how to set a PC group up to represent one of them, and what they’ll all do when crossbow bolts fly.


Spoilers:  The goblin tribe is the top level of a death dungeon, and there is lots of death dungeon underneath them…if they can get to it.  At least the first level of the dungeon will be described in this chapter.


A chapter for mean, evil, nasty DMs who want to run paladins or dwarves or some other dumb thing.


Kill all halflings!

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Welcome to the development blog!

Hello, goblins and gamemasters, and welcome to the Bloodmoon Goblins development blog!  Here I will chronicle Bloodmoon Goblins’ continuing journey from a set of GM notes and hastily computer-scribbled crap maps into a full-blown RPG supplement that looks good, feels good, and makes everyone forget about wanting to play a noble paladin.

Remember:  this game is about killing things and taking their stuff.  How have you NOT been playing goblins the entire time?

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Who really needs a Will save, anyway…

This is the first piece of advertisement produced for Bloodmoon Goblins.  It’s a parody of this ridiculous ad from the 70s.  It’s deep cause, like, see, the fighter class is about as popular as nuclear reactors are right now.  And Ghaz is a probably-doomed-to-be-deposed autocrat.  This is also the first teaser of the goblins’ visual style.

I haven’t decided if, where, or how to splash this thing around the internet other than to put it up here and show it to people who are already interested in Bloodmoon Goblins.  I’ll just have TO GO INTO HI JOHNNY G HERE MODE AND SEE WHAT OCCURS TO ME.

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